separated by glass


this is a major issue


no one can explain
what’s going on
you don’t understand ‘cause
your memory is gone it’s
so hard to bear
to see you
behind glass

we see you, but we
can’t touch you
wish we could hold you
and be there for real
you can’t even hear us
we see despair
through the glass

we wrote some words down
on cards like Dylan
we showed you our rhymes
it seemed to work fine
but I wonder what’s going on
inside your head
behind glass

you were always
happy to see us
but now your
smile has gone
we see fear in your eyes
i guesssss ...

i guess this is goodbye

corona lockdown came down on us ~ while everybody was worried about their own freedom, there was a silent drama going on in nursing homes ~ my old mother was locked up in one ~ residents got infected and were trapped ~ we couldn’t visit her and last saw her through the window

in addition to the credits page: cello by hesce mourits

play full screen, volume loud, stare at the center and be patient


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